Just For Actors

We know that as an actor, it can be difficult to get work if you’re not being seen at your very best. With an eye for what industry professionals expect, we work closely with you to produce professional quality voice and video material that is fully in line with your branding, showcasing your range and talent.

DEMO REEL – $200

You get:

  • 30 minute in-person or Skype meeting to discuss your established brand and review your materials
  • Polished reel with slate and end tag contact information, delivered electronically or on storage medium of your choice
  • Secure digital archive of your files, preserved for a minimum of one year


Optional add-ons:

  • In-depth work on developing branding – $150
  • Additional scene studies, shot cinematically – $50/scene


While this package is designed for actors with existing materials in mind, we can also create a cinematic reel for beginner actors who don’t yet have any work online. Contact us for more details.


You get:

  • Portable video production that comes to YOU: camera, tripod, mic, on-camera light, and laptop-based editing suite
  • 30 minute taping session with an experienced and engaged reader
  • Instant edit and upload of your audition, with slate added


All you need to provide is a neutral wall or backdrop, and your A-game performance.


You get:

  • 1.5 hours of recording time in one of Toronto’s top studios
  • In-studio direction to fine-tune your performance
  • Polished demo with music and sound effects, along with individual files for each segment
  • Secure digital archive of your files, preserved for a minimum of one year


Please note, this package is designed for commercial or character performers who have existing material they are ready to record. If you are new to voiceover, we will recommend you to a wonderful coach.

Get Awesome.

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